why do you blank pages? please stop! --Egmontaz 23 janvye 2010 à 05:19 (UTC)

I'm totally agree with Egmontaz, be careful to what you are doing; if you find something wrong do mention it to the community here Wikipedya:Kafebefore deleting contributions or discuss about the article on the associated discussion panel as we are doing it right now on your discussion panel. You can use the template {{efase|reasons to report this article to the administrator board}}

I see that you've revocated some of your modifications, thank you :-) MasterChes 23 janvye 2010 à 08:23 (UTC)

Account blockedChanje

Despite our claims you continue deleting articles on this wiki; we don't know what you are doing and you do not communicate with others. Your account will be blocked if you do not post any reply on your discussion panel rapidly. Other users have to revoke your deletions and it is rather boring. MasterChes 30 janvye 2010 à 16:51 (UTC)

Votre compte va être renomméChanje

18 mas 2015 à 02:01 (UTC)

Compte renomméChanje

19 avril 2015 à 08:21 (UTC)