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User:Mattho69 and User:LLarson:

Generally, I'm very happy with the improvments to this template. Thank you for your work on it.

I think we should omit unknown/non-existent flags by default, rather than putting up a "placeholder". For example, Amerik disid (the South American continent) is showing File:Vlag ontbreekt.svg (a 'missing flag' image), which is not appropriate. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 18 janvye 2017 à 06:56 (UTC)[répondre]

Done --Mattho69 (discussion) 27 me 2017 à 14:31 (UTC)[répondre]


Could one of you please remove the wikilinks around the population date in this infobox? I'd really appreciate it. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 27 me 2017 à 03:59 (UTC)[répondre]

But, the change you made for the date doesn't seem to have worked (yet?). At the end of Afrik's infobox, it still says "popilasyon dat 2013". The flag change seems to be working correctly. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 27 me 2017 à 16:12 (UTC)[répondre]
Yes, I know, i'm investigating this point right now but i'm not sure i will be able to do something. --Mattho69 (discussion) 27 me 2017 à 16:18 (UTC)[répondre]
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