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:Hi, the work is being done here [[IMMAGINE&POESIA]]. Cordially,[[Itilizatè:Masterches|MasterChes]] 29 janvye 2011 à 20:18 (UTC)
::Thanks Masterches: You've been VERY kind and we are very grateful. I noticed that part of the page is still in English: do you think that the article is good like that and will have no problems in the future ? Ciao e grazie da Torino = Bye from Turin (north of Italy) :))--[[Itilizatè:Aeron10|Aeron10]] 30 janvye 2011 à 05:26 (UTC)
:::there is a mention for enhancement "this article is not completely translated in haitian creole, do contribute to its enhancement"; the translation will be made :-), cordially [[Itilizatè:Masterches|MasterChes]] 30 janvye 2011 à 10:01 (UTC)
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