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*'''List of local bureaucrats:''' None
*'''Local User Page:''' [[ht:User:Érico Júnior Wouters]]
*'''Preferred duration and reason''': 0 [http://toolserver.org/~pathoschild/stewardry/?wiki=htwiki_p&sysop=on&bureaucrat=on active] sysops. You need at least 1 active sysop, and I believe that it meets the criteria. Edict for some time and I already have over [http://toolserver.org/~quentinv57/sulinfo/%C3%89rico_J%C3%BAnior_Wouters 1012,000500] editions (correcting old errors). Regards, '''[[Itilizatè:Érico Júnior Wouters|<font color="black" face="Verdana">Érico</font>]]''' <sup>'''[[Diskisyon Itilizatè:Érico Júnior Wouters|<font color="grey" face="Arial"><small>msg</small></font>]]'''</sup> 19 jen 2012 à 22:20 (UTC)
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