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Tag: Éditeur de source 2017
Tag: Éditeur de source 2017
Ansanm, annou amelyore Wikipedya ayisyen! Vote pou mwen !<br>
--[[Itilizatè:Gilles2014|Gilles2014]] ([[Diskisyon Itilizatè:Gilles2014|discussion]]) 3 novanm 2019 à 17:33 (UTC)
:All active users, including [[User:TheWikipedian1250]], [[User:Taketa]], [[User:FamkeKroe]], [[User:Epìdosis]], [[User:Holder]], [[User:Jean Baptiste Ben-Naël]], and [[User:Kitanago]] are welcome to vote. We need people to vote, so that the Stewards will let us have a local admin. [[Itilizatè:WhatamIdoing|WhatamIdoing]] ([[Diskisyon Itilizatè:WhatamIdoing|discussion]]) 3 novanm 2019 à 20:16 (UTC)
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