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:::Thank you for your explanations. I prefer to continue to see "Chantè belj".
:::It was a mistake to have "Fuente" for Lady Gaga, I deleted this word. Thank you for your contributions.--[[Itilizatè:Gilles2014|Gilles2014]] ([[Diskisyon Itilizatè:Gilles2014|discussion]]) 5 novanm 2019 à 09:17 (UTC)
== Flower of the month ==
[[File:Lotus 8480.jpg|thumb|<center>Nelumbo lutea]]
Hi Gilles2014
For your huge efforts on Wikipedya kreyòl ayisyen I want to present you the [[:als:Wikipedia:Blueme vum Monet|Flower of the month]].
Best regards, --[[Itilizatè:Holder|Holder]] ([[Diskisyon Itilizatè:Holder|discussion]]) 19 novanm 2019 à 06:18 (UTC)