Thank you for your contributions to this first haitian wikipedia. There is a lot to do and i proud to see persons like you making things going ahead. Do continue.

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Hello Littlet889,

Could you add to your contributions the template {{eboch}}, on the top side, which indicates that the current article is under development and need contributions on it to make it better. If you have any suggestions do not hesitate. MasterChes 8 jen 2010 à 06:20 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]


The link you provide for reference on various new articles do not correspond; you do not take part to this discussion, be careful, we need to interact with you about your contributions.Do provide an email adress for us to be able to contact you by mail.MasterChes 9 jen 2010 à 03:13 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]


We couls provide an article that will summarize this content or this kind of information besides other articles that will mention a particular set:

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