I have two User names;

  • Barbara (WVS) is the account that I use as a Wikipedian Visiting Scholar, and Wikipedian in Residence with the University of Pittsburgh The WikiEd Foundation tracks my progress on their WikiEd dashboard here. I don't attend the University of Pittsburgh, I am not on staff and I am not paid for my work as a Visiting Scholar.
  • Bfpage is the account and user name that I use for my personal use and for the majority of my editing.


Mwen gen de non utilisateur;

  • 'Barbara (WVS)' se kont la ke mwen itilize kòm yon Wikipedian Vizitè yo Scholar, ak Wikipedian nan Rezidans ak University of Pittsburgh WikiEd Fondasyon an tren pwogrè mwen sou tablodbò WikiEd isit la. M'pa ale nan Inivèsite a nan Pittsburgh, mwen menm mwen pa sou manm pèsonèl la ak m'pa peye pou travay m'kòm yon Visiting Scholar.
  • ' Bfpage' se kont ak itilizatè non an ke m'itilize pou itilizasyon pèsonèl mwen ak pou majorite a nan chanjman'm.

Senserite bay'w,

Barbara (WVS) (discussion) 5 jiyè 2017 à 22:45 (UTC)

Bezwen èdModifye

Bonjou Barbara! I need help changing the name of an article I have been editing on my user page. I'd love to publish it today (2017-12-01) for World AIDS Day, but I have looked everywhere and I don't see the drop-down menu with the renaming option! I read that you should have been a user for at least four days (check!) and have made 10 edits (check!) to be able to rename/publish a page, but I meet both of those requirements and still don't see it.

Here is the article : Itilizatè:Sylvietr

I would like it to be a (Principal) page with this title : VIH ak SIDA an Ayiti

Can you help? Thanks!