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Bonjou, Dario ! M panse ke lang nan ke nou gen pi an komen se angle, donk : Thank you for your recent additions to Wikipedya an kreyòl! The pages you modified look like they are for places in the Provincia de Málaga, and should probably transclude {{komin Málaga}} instead of {{komin Kadix}}. Also, they are all part of a categories that misspell the kreyòl word for province: it should be “[[Kategori:Komin pwovans Málaga]]” and “[[Kategori:Pwovans Málaga]]” instead of “[[Kategori:Komin pwovens Málaga]]” and “[[Kategori:Pwovens Málaga]]”. Do you have an automated way to make these changes, or should I get started? Again, Face-smile.svg Mèsi ak Byenveni ! —LLarson (di & ) 22 mas 2016 à 14:43 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Los AngelesModifye

Do you want to move the old article to Losanjelès? If so I deleted it to make way for a move. If not, a redirect should point to the primary location WhisperToMe (discussion) 7 jen 2016 à 23:28 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi WhisperToMe (d · k), I created the page Losanjelès because in the article Etazini existed the red link with that name [1], later I found out that there was the article Los Angeles, Kalifòni on the same subject created before. Now I'm a little confused because I do not know which of the two is best used on maps published in Haiti (my little dictionary does not show it), I would like to use it as the main name and others as redirects. You or LLarson (d · k) have an idea about the most used? DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 8 jen 2016 à 05:23 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Larson may know. Personally I have no idea! WhisperToMe (discussion) 8 jen 2016 à 08:55 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
@Dario, WhisperToMe: Sorry about the delay. Here’s what I have: of all my dictionaries, only one has an entry for Los Angeles, and the translation it gives is LòsannjelèsLòsanjelès.[1] I only found Lòsanjelès though here, p. 34, if this counts as a source. Maybe just Los Angeles then, I’m not sure.
@LLarson, thanks for your information. Better keep Los Angeles as main name, I will not create any redirect. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 10 jen 2016 à 19:16 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
@Dario: I will create the redirects, which will help future visitors find the content they want (and inform future editors that the content already exists). 😊 Mèsi ankò ! —LLarson (di & ) 10 jen 2016 à 20:40 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]


Alo, ou kapab amelyore atik sa a, gras: Tenerife, Zile Canary.-- 5 septanm 2016 à 10:49 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

  • Mwen ta renmen fè sa a, men lang kreyòl ayisyen mwen an se twò move. Ou ka wè nan sa a tranzaksyon.
  1. Freeman, Bryant (2011). Haitian–English Dictionary (6th ed.). p. 564. ISBN 978-1-61195-002-1.