Hello ! Sorry for not speaking Spanish, but welcome on the Haitian Creole Wikipedia. I have seen that you imported Imaj:AndesMaitenes 014.jpg, but it would be better to import it on Wikimedia Commons, the central image repository (from there, all images can be used on al Wikimedia projects). See commons:Commons:Primeros pasos to learn how to use Commons. Thanks ! le Korrigan bla 08:48, 20 out 2007 (UTC)

Hello.yes, adding images is a very good idea, thank you ! I'm not sure to undestand your problem, sorry : do you want to import a picture on Commons ? Or here ? Maybe you should contact a Spanish-speaking admin on Commons:Café who could be better able to understand you & guide you. Thanks, le Korrigan bla 09:32, 22 out 2007 (UTC)


Thank you for all your contributions to the haitian wikipedia.

Kind regards

MasterChes 14 fevriye 2010 à 11:47 (UTC)

Why did you 'create' this 'article' ? John F. Kennedy. It's just a picture, and it doesn't helps anyone, because this is an encyclopedia, the galleries of pictures are created on Commons. --Diego Grez 18 jen 2010 à 20:50 (UTC)

Hello Penarc, you are free to contribute to the development of this article; It has been modified.Cordially MasterChes 18 jen 2010 à 22:54 (UTC)